Cleaning a bicycle for storage

How to Store a Bicycle for Winter

Posted on: August 18, 2019 | Spaces Toronto October 21, 2019

In as walkable of a city as Toronto, it isn’t uncommon to ride a bicycle from location to location during the summer. Unfortunately, though, although we might not want to admit it, the colder weather will be here before we know it. In order to keep your bicycle in top condition for riding season, it is essential that it is stored correctly. Read below to learn how to store a bicycle.

Bicycle Storage Solutions for the Off-Season

  1. Clean the bicycle: It is amazing how much mud and dirt can cling to the bike from riding season. Before storing, it is important to get all of this off. To clean your bicycle, use a brush to knock any dirt from the bike frame. Next, use a sponge and bucket of water to clear off any remaining dirt particles. When cleaning your bicycle, make sure you hit the bike frame, rims and brake pads. Never use a hose or pressure washer to clean your bicycle, as this can force water into the bearings.
  2. Scrub the chains: To clear any grime off of the chains, dip a chain brush into a degreaser and wipe down the chain, chainrings, cassette and jockey wheels.
  3. Check for wear and tear: Now that your bicycle is clean, it should be much easier to check your bicycle for signs of damage from the season. The more cycling you have done, the greater the chance of there being damage to your bicycle. When examining your bicycle, look for any signs of metal fatigue and cracks. Next, check the bicycle wheels and brake pads to make sure there is no excessive wear.
  4. Lubricate the chains and cables on your bicycle: Before putting your bicycle into storage, lubricate the moving parts. Lubricating a bicycle not only prevents corrosion, it also protects moving parts form excessive wear and tear.
  5. Inflate the tires or use bike hooks: If the bicycle will be stored on the ground, inflate the bike tires to full. If the bike tires lose air throughout the winter, it is possible for flat spots to form on the tires. Keeping the bicycle tires inflated will help to prevent flat spots. Another way to prevent flat spots is to install bicycle hooks to hang your bike.
  6. Keep your bicycle covered: Throughout the long winter, dust will settle on your bicycle if left uncovered. Over time, this dust can actually damage the moving parts of the bicycle. In order to prevent this from happening, cover your bicycle during storage.

Use a Climate Controlled Storage Unit for Bicycle Storage

When storing a sensitive item such as a bicycle, it is essential to avoid storing it in your basement, garage or attic. These locations are prone to fluctuations in temperature which can cause damage to the bicycle. And let’s face it, when you remove these areas as storage options, who has endless storage space in their apartment or house for storing a bicycle?

A climate controlled storage unit with Spaces Self Storage is the perfect location for storing a bicycle. Spaces Self Storage has storage facility in downtown Toronto on Eastern Avenue with 5×5, 5×10 and 10×10 storage units available for rent. Rent a storage unit with Spaces Self Storage to store your bicycle and other seasonal items!

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