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How to Be a Good Host for the Holiday Season

Posted on: November 10, 2019 | Spaces Toronto November 26, 2019

The holiday season brings caroling, baking and spending time with friends and family members. For some holiday hosts, the season may even bring overnight guests. To make your guests feel more at home, and to reduce stress for the host, we’ve compiled a few tips for preparing your home for holiday guests. Try out these tips below!

Preparing for Guest Checklist: 5 Tips for Overnight Holiday Guests

  • Clear the entryway: When your overnight guests enter your home, they may be bringing bags, gifts and food with them. If the entryway to your home currently has umbrellas, shoes and other items blocking it, clear the clutter out before your holiday guests arrive. To keep ice and snowy sludge from getting on your floors, add a welcome rug to your entryway.
  • Add nightlights: While you know the layout of your house, and which room is the bathroom when it’s dark, your guests do not. Add lighting to the halls to make your home easier to navigate for guests.
  • Stock up on extra toiletries: Before the start of the holiday season, purchase extra toilet paper, soap, lotion, makeup remover, tooth paste and toothbrushes. If your holiday guests will be staying for an extended period of time, it is also a good idea to purchase extra shampoo and conditioner for them to use.
  • Consider dietary needs of guests: If you know one of the guests that will be staying with you has a nut allergy, stock up on extra nut-free items before your guests arrive. This will not only make your guests feel more comfortable, it may also prevent you from having to make a trip to the hospital or doctor.
  • Determine who will sleep where: The night of a holiday party, you do not want to have to scramble to figure out where everyone will sleep. Instead, map out who will sleep in each spot. Once you figure out who will sleep where, make sure all needed beds have clean sheets and pillows.

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Leading into the holiday season, it is common to declutter the home. Decluttering the home can help your space to appear neater and more organized and make more space around your home. To free up space in the house, consider storing extra pieces of furniture, out of season clothing and more in a storage unit rental. A storage unit rental can help your home look neater and more organized during the holiday season.

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