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4 Health Benefits of Decluttering

Posted on: April 23, 2020 | Spaces Toronto April 24, 2020

Your health is important to you — now more than ever. While you’re home trying to stay healthy, now is the perfect time to improve your home for better health. Did you know that the clutter in your home can correlate with your health? Let’s look at the different benefits of cleaning and decluttering your home.

4 Health Benefits of Cleaning and Decluttering the Dirtiest Places in Your Home

1. Better air quality in your home, which leads to better breathing.

If you already have a respiratory issue like asthma or COPD, you know first-hand the trouble you can get into with too much dust. The more clutter you have in your home, the more surface area dust has to cling to. Combine that with being stuck inside all the time, and it’s just a matter of time before you start dealing with health issues.

Clearing out the clutter can help to reduce the dust accumulation. And once the dust begins to clear, you’ll notice yourself breathing easier.

2. Better sleep.

We know that stress can take a toll on us. But did you know that the clutter around our homes can increase stress? With the rise of cortisol in our bodies — the stress hormone — comes the rise of stress. When you experience an overabundance of stress, it effects your sleep habits. As you reduce your clutter, you should notice your stress lower and your sleep habits improve.

3. Higher concentration.

Similar to how clutter effects stress, it also effects your concentration. One study found that we typically find clutter distracting. If you’re working from home during this trying time, concentration can be of particular importance. Start decluttering and see a boost in productivity!

4. Improved eating habits.

Have you noticed yourself snacking more often now that the refrigerator and pantry are within reach all the time? Stress can often lead to an increase in eating frequency. If you find yourself snacking on potato chips, frozen fries and ice cream, try cleaning up the room you spend the most time in. You may find yourself reaching for an orange or nothing at all instead.

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