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How to Store Halloween Costumes and Decorations

Posted on: October 12, 2018 | Spaces Toronto October 21, 2019

Halloween is now a billion-dollar industry, sitting just behind Christmas as the second-largest shopping season. If that statistic is surprising to you, let us break it down for you. According to a recent survey, Canadians spend around $137 on Halloween annually. While this may seem like a staggering number, it’s not as surprising when you consider that you have to buy a costume, decorations and candy for trick-or-treating. But, if you properly store your Halloween decorations and costumes, you won’t have to buy a new one for next year. Check out these Halloween decoration and costume storage tips!

Halloween Storage Tips: Storing Halloween Decorations

Unfortunately, Halloween doesn’t last forever and once the season is over, it is important to properly store your Halloween decorations for the next year. Try out these tips!

  • Clean all outdoor decorations
  • Wrap fragile items in bubble wrap
  • Store smaller items inside of larger items
  • Store items in plastic airtight containers
  • Label all containers

How to Clean Halloween Costumes

When it comes to cleaning your Halloween costume, the method of cleaning may vary based on the kind of costume. Before cleaning your Halloween costume, check out the manufacturer approved instructions.

Storing Latex Masks

After you wear your latex costume, wipe the inside of the mask out with a cloth. Brush the interior of the mask with cornstarch to help absorb any additional moisture leftover. Before storing the mask, stuff it with plastic bags to help maintain the shape. Once the mask is clean, store it in a dry and dark location.

How to Store a Wig

When cleaning your wig, wash it like with cold water and shampoo. Work shampoo into the wig and let it soak instead of scrubbing it. Rinse the wig with cool water then let it dry flat on a towel. After the wig is dry, store it in a wig storage box.

How to Store a Fuzzy Costume

Clean your fuzzy costumes using shampoo and cold water. Once the costume has been cleaned, squeeze out any excess water with a towel and lay it flat to dry. Hang the fuzzy costumes up during storage.

Spaces Self Storage Has Halloween Costume Storage Options

Once your Halloween costumes have been cleaned, it is important to properly store them for the next year. Unfortunately, light and moisture can permanently damage your Halloween costumes. This means that a garage, basement or storage location close to a window are not a smart storage location. Instead, consider a climate controlled storage unit with Spaces Self Storage. A climate controlled storage unit will maintain a steady range of temperature safe for storing delicate costumes. The storage units are dark, which will prevent the colors of the costumes from fading.

Spaces Self Storage has a modern, convenient and secure storage units in Downtown Toronto, on Eastern Avenue. Reserve a 5×5 or 5×10 costume storage unit today!

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