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How to Winterize a RV

Posted on: September 20, 2019 | Spaces Toronto October 21, 2019

There’s nothing like spending time outdoors. For recreational vehicle owners, spring, summer and early fall weekends are spent exploring the outdoors on long camping trips. Unfortunately, as the weather starts to get cooler, it’s time to get your RV ready for winter storage. Read below for information on how to winterize a RV.

Recreational Vehicle Storage Tips for Winter

1. Refer to the Owner’s Manual

Before completing any of these tips, refer to the owner’s manual for any information on storing your RV. Different recreational vehicle brands, models and types may require different storage steps, and it is essential that your RV receives any storage care that is required.

2. Drain all Water Tanks, Pipes and Lines

First, take your RV to the waste station and drain the black, gray and fresh water tanks. To drain out any remaining water inside of the RV, turn on the faucet and showers and flush the toilet. Once the tanks have been drained, run non-toxic anti-freeze through the water system to prevent the pipes from freezing.

3. Clean the Exterior and Interior of the RV

To keep your vehicle free from corrosion, mold and pests, clean both the outside and inside of your RV. Use bleach wherever possible on the inside of your storage unit to kill any bad bacteria that may be present. Once clean, thoroughly dry your RV to prevent oxidation, mold and mildew.

4. Check out the Exterior of the RV

Next, inspect the RV exterior for any visible signs of damage. Be sure to look at the windows, roof, sidewalls, seams and doors for any visible signs of wear and tear or damage. If you notice any places that need patched or resealed, consult your RV manufacturer for information on their recommended sealant. This step is very important, because some sealant may not work on your RV, which will leave you susceptible to water damage.

5. Remove the Fuel

Do not store your RV with the fuel still inside. Siphon out the fuel inside of your RV to be used for your car, leaf blower or snow blower.

6. Disconnect the RV Battery

Next, to increase the longevity of your RV battery, disconnect it from the RV. During the winter, it is necessary to monitor the charge on the battery. When you see the charge drop below 80%, recharge it. Additionally, keep the battery in a place with mild temperature. Letting the battery freeze or overheat will kill the battery.

7. Cover the RV for Storage

To keep the winter elements and UV rays from damaging the RV exterior and tires, always use a cover for your recreational vehicle and tires. For best protection, get a cover that fits your RV securely.

Store Your RV Supplies with Spaces Self Storage

In order to make best use of your days and weeks spent away from home exploring the great outdoors, there’s quite a bit or supplies needed. Between outdoor sports and athletic equipment, small appliances for the kitchen and electronics for the living room, it’s amazing how many things can fit inside of your RV. Unfortunately, when storing your RV for the winter, any temperature sensitive items should be removed and stored in a safe location. In order to keep your home free from clutter, consider storing items like your microwave, blender, television, bicycles, kayaks, outdoor clothing and more in a storage unit rental.

Spaces Self Storage has a storage facility in downtown Toronto on Eastern Avenue, with many different sized storage units available ideal for any storage need. If you will only be storing outdoor clothing, electronics and small appliances from your RV, consider the 5×5 storage unit. For storing smaller items as well as outdoor athletic equipment, the 5×10 or 10×10 storage unit would be ideal for you. Reserve a storage unit with Spaces Self Storage today!

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