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5 Long-Term Storage Tips from the Experts

Posted on: September 6, 2018 | Spaces Toronto December 2, 2019

Renting a storage unit for long-term storage requires more preparation than when you are only using a storage unit for a few months. In order to best protect your items during storage, it is important to know the top tips for storing items long-term. Check them out below!

Tips for Using a Long-Term Storage Unit

  1. Elevate Your Items: Over time, moisture from the earth can seep up into the floor of your storage unit. If this happens, items that are exposed to this moisture can be damaged. Use pallet boards to elevate your items from touching the storage unit floor. If you are unable to get access to pallet boards, use a tarp as a barrier between your items and the storage unit floor.
  2. Know how to Properly Prepare All Items: While it always important to prepare your items for storage, it is especially important when you are storing your items for a long period of time. Different items will require different care, and it is essential that you understand how to prepare your items for storage before storing them. For more item specific storage tips, refer to our blog.
  3. Use a Climate Controlled Storage Unit: Even if your items aren’t sensitive to fluctuations in temperature, it is important to rent a climate controlled storage unit when storing items for long-term. A climate controlled storage unit will maintain a steady range of temperature no matter the season, making it ideal for storing items long-term.
  4. Properly Label any Fragile Items: Keep in mind that while you may know right now which boxes contain fragile items, you might not in a year or two when it’s time to remove your items from storage. Clearly label all four sides of boxes that contain any fragile items.
  5. Check on Your Storage Unit: It is smart to check on your storage unit as much as you can. If your items have suffered from any damage, it is important that you can address it as soon as possible. Visiting your storage unit periodically allows you to stay in-the-know about how your storage unit is doing and address any concerns quickly as possible. If you are renting a storage unit to use for long-term storage because you are traveling, appoint someone to check on your storage unit.

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