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Marie Kondo Organization Tips

Posted on: September 20, 2019 | Spaces Toronto October 21, 2019

Looking to get your home organized for good? Well, if you have tried other organization methods in the past and are still struggling to keep your home free from clutter, consider the Marie Kondo Method. Marie Kondo is a tidying expert, bestselling author and the star of “Tidying Up with Marie Kondo” on Netflix. Her tips have helped many people to have a more organized and staged home. Interested in learning more? Read these 5 Marie Kondo Tips!

5 Marie Kondo Tips

Organize by Category

Typically, when we think about organizing and decluttering, we plan to organize by room or location. For example, a common process is to start organizing in one room, and once it has been organized moving to the next. Instead, Marie Kondo recommends organizing in order by the following categories:

    • Clothing
    • Books
    • Papers
    • Kimono (Miscellaneous)
    • Sentimental

When you follow this order, by the time you get down to the more difficult sentimental category, you’ll have had practice with this method.

Only Hold onto the Items that Bring You Joy

While many people feel strongly either way about this tip, it really is a smart mindset to live by. If an item does not make you feel joyful, don’t hold onto it. Think about it, would you really keep reading a book or taking part in a hobby if it didn’t make you happy? Adapting this rule and mindset can really help you to reduce the number of belongings in your house.

Learn How to Correctly Fold Items

While Marie Kondo is not against hanging clothing, she believes clothes are happier when folded. While she offers specific tips for folding different items of clothing, the goal is to get each item into a rectangular shape. Ideally, folding your items will make picking out an outfit and putting your clothes away that much easier and quicker.

Embrace the Digital Age

Let’s be honest, what do we do a with a document, form or receipt that we do not know what to do with? We hold onto them. Unless it’s an important document like your social security card, W2 or birth certificate, sort through your document piles to determine what you no longer need.

Ask Yourself Why

If you’re having a difficult time parting with particular items, it is important to ask yourself why you can’t part with these items. There tends to be three main reasons people hold onto belongings: fear of the future, attachment to the past or a combination of the two. Understanding why you’re having a difficult time parting with items will help you to overcome this obstacle easier.

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