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Move Out Cleaning Tips to Get Your Deposit Back

Posted on: December 13, 2019 | Spaces Toronto December 19, 2019

A rental apartment or house is a great solution over buying a home for temporary living. But when you move out, it is essential that your home is clean and any damage that occurred when you lived in it is repaired. Are you looking for a helpful cleaning checklist as well as tips for getting your full deposit back? Read below!

Moving Out Cleaning Checklist

1. Inspect the Walls

Throughout your lease, you may have hung up lights, decorations and other items on the wall. But, before moving out, it is important that any holes or damage in the walls are patched or repaired.

2. Clean by Task and Not by Room

Instead of cleaning by room, clean by task. For example, if you are scrubbing the floors in your home, scrub all of the floors. This method is proven to be both quicker and more efficient.

3. Do Final Cleaning with an Empty Home

It can be difficult to properly clean your home if your furniture and boxes are still in the way. To ensure your home gets completely clean, do a last-minute cleaning sweep of your home once all of your belongings have been removed.

4. Clean All Appliances

Even if your floors are swept, the walls are patched and every room is clean, you will still get docked money if your appliances aren’t clean. Before turning in your keys, make sure your refrigerator, stove, oven and microwave are clean and odor free.

How to Get a Security Deposit Back

1. Refer to Your Leasing Agreement

When you moved in, you were given a rental or leasing agreement. This leasing agreement likely has a section on the work needs done to your place before you move out. Read over this section and make sure you refer to it when you are cleaning your rental.

2. Ask the Landlord to Do a Mock Review

Contact your landlord and ask them if they’d be willing to do a mock review of your rental. When the landlord tours your apartment, ask them to point out any issues they see. Most of the time landlords will agree to do this, because getting your place fixed can be an inconvenience for them.

A Storage Unit Rental Helps with the Transition

It can be incredibly difficult to clean a living space if your belongings are still inside. To help with this, consider putting the items that are already packed up and ready to go into a storage unit rental. When your apartment is clean and you have moved out, you can then decide which items you want to bring back in your home and which items will stay in storage.

Spaces Self Storage has a storage facility in downtown Toronto on Eastern Avenue. Our storage facility has many different sized storage units available for rent, including the 5×5, 5×10 and 10×10 storage unit. Reserve a storage unit with Spaces Self Storage today!

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