A person takes a dining room table apart before moving and storing it in a storage unit

Tips for Moving a Dining Room Table

Posted on: August 2, 2018 | Spaces Toronto October 21, 2019

There are a few items in your house that are not very easy to move, one of them is your dining room table. A dining room table is large, awkward to move and can be very fragile. One little bump or ding can result in scratches or splintered wood, ruining your table.

Thankfully, there are a few easy tips you can follow to protect your dining room table while it is being moved. Check them out!

Three Tips for Moving a Dining Room Table with Ease

Tip Number 1: Take the Table Apart
The smaller you’re able to break the table down, the easier it will be to move. Before moving your dining room table, break it down as small as possible.

How to Take Apart a Dining Room Table

Place the table upside down on a blanket. If the legs are attached to the table using bolts or screws, loosen the bolts or screws and remove the legs. Place the bolts and screws inside of a bag and tape them to the underside of the table. If the legs are attached with glue, use a putty knife to break the seal and free the legs. Once the legs have been removed, wrap them in a protective blanket to prevent scratches.
Once the legs have been removed, turn the table back over and remove the leaf. Once the leaf has been removed, wrap it in a protective blanket to prevent scratches.

Tip Number 2: Protect the Corners of the Table
Unfortunately, even after breaking the table down, accidents do happen. One of the spots that is the most likely to get dinged is the corners of the table. Fold cardboard around the corners of the table to protect them from any damage.

Tip Number 3: Use a Dining Table Protector
Dining room table protectors are very inexpensive and can save you from a scratched or damaged table. A dining room table protector can be purchased at any home goods store. If you do not have a dining room table protector, cover the table with a thick blanket. Secure the blanket to the table by taping the edges of the blanket to the underside of the table.

Tips for Storing a Dining Room Table

If you are moving soon or completing home renovation projects, you may be looking for a place to store your dining room table. Whether you need temporary storage while you’re between moves, or more long-term storage after upgrading furniture, it is important to store your items properly. Try out these tips.

  • Keep the Table Covered: It is important to keep the dining room table covered while it is in storage. Cover the table with blankets will keep dust from settling on the table.
  • Do Not Reassemble the Table: While the table is in storage, keep it broken down. This will not only make it easier to remove the table from storage, it will also protect the overall structure of the table.
  • Use a Climate Controlled Storage Unit: Overtime, fluctuations in temperature can severely damage wood. This is why a basement, garage and attic make a very poor storage location for wooden items. A climate controlled storage unit will maintain a constant temperature ideal for storing sensitive wooden items.

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