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How to Pack Dishes, Bowls and Plates for Moving

Posted on: September 13, 2018 | Spaces Toronto October 21, 2019

Packing and moving your kitchen may be the hardest part about moving. A kitchen is filled with many fragile items that can be incredibly awkward to pack. While other boxes containing less fragile items may be able to withstand being bumped or dropped, unfortunately bowls and dishes are not one of them. Before packing dishes and bowls for moving, check out these tips!

How to Pack Bowls for Moving

  • Cushion the Bottom of the Box:
    When packing bowls, cushion the bottom of the box with wadded up newspaper. This can help to provide a barrier in case the box is bumped or dropped.
  • Pack Bowls Based on their Shape:
    Shallow bowls should be placed on their sides while in the moving boxes. Deeper bowls can be nestled inside of each other.
  • Use Extra Cushion for Fragile Bowls:
    If the bowl is particularly fragile, wrap it in a layer of newspaper for extra cushion. Secure the newspaper to the bowl using tape.

How to Pack Plates

  • Reinforce the Box:
    It is always a good idea to reinforce your moving box before you load it up with dishes. Dishes can be incredibly heavy, and the last thing you want is for the seal on the box to break.
  • Pad the Bottom of the Box:
    Just like when moving bowls, always pad the bottom of the box with wadded up paper. Accidents happen, and this simple step can help to protect your expensive dishes.
  • Wrap Each Plate:
    Use a large sheet of paper to wrap each plate. Secure the paper around the plate using tape.
  • Pack Plates on their Sides:
    Plates placed flat inside of the box have a higher risk of breaking. Instead of stacking your plates flat, stack them on their sides. Plates laid on their edges can withstand more force than if they are laid flat.

Household Storage Solutions in Toronto, Ontario

There may be a few reasons you are moving dishes and plates. Maybe you are moving to a new home, but your new home won’t be ready until after your old home closes. Maybe you don’t often use your fancier dinnerware and are just looking to get it out of the house until its needed again. Whether you’re between moves and looking for temporary storage or need more space in your home, Spaces Self Storage has a storage solution for you.

Our Downtown Toronto facility on Eastern Avenue offers 5×5 storage unit and 5×10 storage unit rental options. The 5×5 storage unit would be perfect for storing boxes of plates and bowls. The 5×10 storage unit would fit all of these items plus kitchen appliances and other items. Reserve your storage unit today!

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