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How to Store Vinyl Records in Toronto

Posted on: March 9, 2018 | Spaces Toronto August 6, 2019

Toronto residents know that vinyl records are on the upswing. Local record stores sell prized music memorabilia – original and signed records from years past – at astounding prices. When it comes to sound quality, music lovers unify over the genuine sound of a vinyl album. If you love music and are looking for a place to store your vinyl records, Spaces Self Storage has storage units for you! Follow the vinyl record storage tips below so your albums stay spinning for years to come.

Are you looking for some quick vinyl record storage tips? Watch this video!

How to Store Your Vinyl Records:

  1. Invest in Quality Sleeves
    Polyethylene sleeves keep dust and dirt from your records. This is critical to preserving their lifespan!
  2. Sort Your Albums
    It does not matter how, as long as it is organized. Create a sensible organization system so you can easily retrieve your favorite jams by genre and year.
  3. Create a Reference List (Just in Case)
    Did you sell that Led Zepplin album? Or, is it in your storage unit? Save yourself the nightmare of misplacing a record by keeping an inventory list. This way you know exactly what is in your storage unit every time you visit.
  4. Store Your Albums of the Same Size, Together
    Don’t make the mistake of storing all your records the same. 45’s, 33’s and 78’s need to be with like sizes, or else warping and other damage can occur.
  5. Store Vertically
    Using a plastic bin or a specialty container, store your records upright. Save enough room so people can flip through the records. Keep in mind that storing albums too closely together can damage the artwork and even the records themselves!
  6. Don’t Stack!
    It is worth repeating – don’t stack your albums. This can cause warping and cracking! Old records from the 50’s and 60’s are actually heavier compared to records made from the 80’s on.
  7. Avoid Direct Sunlight
    This should not be a problem for those choosing self-storage for their records. Make sure to keep records out of direct sunlight when in transit.
  8. Avoid Overly Cold or Hot Environments
    Rent a temperature controlled unit to ensure temperature extremes do not ruin your records. If you store in an attic or the basement, you risk causing permanent damage through the intense hot and cold such places tend to harbor.

Spaces Self Storage: Your Record Collection’s New Home

Space is tight in Toronto – if you need space to store your records, choose Spaces Self Storage. Our Toronto, ON storage facility has 100% temperature controlled units – so you don’t have to worry about extreme heat or cold. Units are individually locked and monitored by security surveillance. Enjoy peace of mind when you store your records with Spaces Self Storage.

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