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How to Store a Lawnmower During the Winter

Posted on: September 20, 2018 | Spaces Toronto October 22, 2018

The leaves are starting to fall, the air is getting cooler and the days are getting shorter – this can only mean one thing, fall is approaching! With summer ending, it is time to start thinking about storing your lawnmower for the winter months. Check out these lawnmower storage tips below!

Tips for Storing a Lawnmower During the Off-Season

How to Use Fuel Stabilizer in a Lawn Mower

Overtime, untreated gas left inside of your lawnmower can cause severe damage. Fuel stabilizer will help to prevent the carburetor of your lawn mower from getting clogged up during the off-season. Before adding the fuel stabilizer, siphon as much of the gas out of the lawnmower as possible. To use fuel stabilizer, add the chemical right into the gas tank. Once the fuel has been added, run the engine of the lawnmower for a few minutes to distribute the stabilized fuel all throughout the fuel lines. If you think of it, start adding the fuel stabilizer into the fuel tank one month before you plan on retiring it for the season.

Disconnect the Spark Plug

Before moving forward with any of these steps, it is important to disconnect the spark plug. Forgetting to complete this step can result in serious injury.

Change the Oil

While this tip isn’t necessary before storing your lawnmower, it will help the engine start up easier come spring. Changing the oil before storing your lawnmower will also help to clear out any debris and gunk that may have gotten stuck in your lawn equipment during the summer.

Remove the Battery

Removing the lawnmower battery before storage can help to prolong the life of the battery. Drain the battery until it is charged about halfway. Once it has been drained, disconnect the battery from the mower and clean it off with a metal brush.

Clean the Lawnmower

Before storing your lawnmower, clean the grass, dirt and mud out from the bottom of the mower. Use a brush or hose to free any debris that may be clogging the underside of your mower.

Spaces Self Storage Has Homeowner Storage Solutions

Toronto winters can be brutal. And storing your lawnmower in a location that is bitterly cold can actually cause damage to your lawn equipment. Instead of storing your lawnmower in your garage where it’s susceptible to extreme fluctuations in temperature, consider a climate controlled storage unit. A climate controlled storage unit will maintain a steady range of temperature ideal for storing a lawnmower.

Spaces Self Storage has a storage facility in Toronto, ON that is fully climate controlled! We also offer a wide range of storage unit sizing, making us the perfect option for any sized storage need! Our 5×5 storage unit would be perfect for storing your lawnmower and other small lawn equipment. If you’re looking to store large garage items or other household items with your lawn equipment, consider a 5×10 or 10×10 storage unit. Reserve your storage unit today!

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