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How to Store Books in Your Home and a Storage Unit

Posted on: February 28, 2019 | Spaces Toronto October 21, 2019

Are you an avid reader? If so, you more than likely have book collection that you really value. One of the most important ways to keep your book collection in the best shape possible is to store them properly. In this post, you will find tips for storing books in your house and a storage unit!

3 Tips for Storing Your Books Long-Term in the Home

Are you looking to store books in your home? Check out these 3 tips!

  • Assess the climate of the room: It is important to keep your book collection away from fluctuations in temperature and sunlight. If exposed to these factors, overtime your books can become permanently damaged. With this in mind, it is essential to never store your books in the basement or garage.
  • Use book shelves: Book shelves not only allow you to display your collection so you can find what you’re looking for easier, it also helps to protect the spines of the books. When storing your books, place them vertically inside of the book shelf. Make sure the books are supported by each other, so they don’t fall over and get damaged.
  • Keep the collection away from food: It is important to keep food away from the pages of the book. This rule also means that you should avoid eating while reading from your collection. Any leftover crumbs or drops from your snack can permanently get stuck to the pages of your books. Unfortunately, leftover food can not only damage the books, it can also attract pests.

4 Tips for Storing Books in a Storage Unit

If you don’t have a location in your home suitable for storing books, consider a storage unit rental! In order to help keep your books in the best condition possible, we put together a few helpful tips for storing them in a storage unit.

  • Store your books in storage containers: When storing your books, choose new plastic storage containers that are moisture proof.
  • Wrap the books for protection: Protect your book collection from damage caused by dirt or residue buildup by wrapping them in paper towels. This will also help to cushion and pad the books.
  • Choose your storage position: Depending on how the storage container is shaped, store your books either upright or lying down horizontally. If you are storing your books upright, store them with the paper edges facing upwards. If you choose to store your books horizontally, lay the books down with the heavier books towards the bottom.
  • Use a climate controlled storage unit: If you have a large book collection, it can be difficult to find a location that can easily store all of your books. A climate controlled storage unit allows you to keep your collection in a safe and secure location while protecting your sensitive books from dangerous fluctuations in temperature.

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