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Tips for Storing Christmas Decorations

Posted on: December 14, 2018 | Spaces Toronto December 17, 2018

During the holiday season, it is common to see homes decorated with lights, festive wreaths and Christmas trees. Unfortunately, once the season is over, those decorations need to be stored for the next season. Holiday decorations can be very fragile, making it very important that they are stored correctly. Keep your items damage-free for next year by following these holiday storage tips!

Tips for Storing Christmas Lights

There’s nothing like the pain of untangling Christmas lights. Prevent your Christmas lights from getting tangled by properly storing them.

  • Cut a piece of cardboard into an anvil shape: One method for storing Christmas lights is to use a sturdy piece of cardboard leftover from holiday packages. Cut the cardboard into an anvil shape to prevent the lights from falling off.
  • Leave the wall-end visible: When wrapping your lights, wrap it so the end that connects into the wall is visible. With this method, you can easily test the lights next year without having to unwrap them first.

Tips for Storing Ornaments

When decorating the tree at the start of the holiday season, it can be difficult to remember to hold onto the ornament boxes. Learn two great alternative ways to store ornaments below!

  • Use egg cartons for bulbs: During the weeks leading up to the holiday season, hold onto your extra egg cartons. Use these egg cartons to store your fragile ornament bulbs.
  • Fit larger ornaments in plastic containers: Larger ornaments will likely not fit in egg containers. Protect larger ornaments from damage by storing them in plastic storage containers. Use crumpled up paper to pad the ornaments and prevent them from damage.

Christmas Tree Storage Tips

An artificial Christmas tree is an investment. When stored correctly, your tree can be around for many holiday seasons to come.

  • Take apart the tree: The first step to storing a Christmas tree is to disassemble the tree. Depending on the size of your tree, you should be able to break the tree into two to three pieces plus the stand.
  • Fold up the branches: When folding up the branches of the Christmas tree, be careful not to tug too hard on the lights. This can cause the tree lights to short out.
  • Use a Christmas Tree Bag: Unfortunately, cardboard boxes can easily deteriorate and are not the best storage solution. A Christmas tree bag will help to prevent dust and debris from settling on your tree.

Spaces Self Storage Has Seasonal Solutions

Holiday decorations often have sentimental value. The best way to keep your items in top condition for next holiday season is to store them in a climate controlled storage unit. Spaces Self Storage has climate controlled storage units in downtown Toronto, one on Eastern Avenue and one on Dupont Street. If you are storing a Christmas tree, Christmas strands and ornaments, consider a 5×5 storage unit. For storing large outdoor decorations and other household items, consider a 10×10 storage unit.

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