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3 Strategies to Help You Organize Pet Supplies

Posted on: January 15, 2019 | Spaces Toronto October 21, 2019

Pets are a big part of our daily lives. Just like other family members, your pet’s belongings can easily get out of hand and create clutter throughout your home. There are so many different types of pets, each with their own unique challenges. For example, if you have a pet that lives in a tank like an iguana, it will be easier to organize pet supplies into one area. Below you’ll find a list of pet storage ideas you can use as a general guide to help keep pet clutter in check. And the best part is, once everything is organized, you can spend more quality time with your pet!

1. Create a Pet Food Storage Station

No matter what kind of pet you have, they have to eat. Pet food can become an organization nightmare because it has to be kept fresh. Most pet owners like to have their pet food stored out of sight, but sometimes the bag of food is larger than the pet themselves.

Luckily, there are plenty of small to large sized storage containers that are made to hold pet food. When choosing a container, make sure it creates an air tight seal to ensure the food stays fresh. Next, you’ll want to think about where your pet’s food bowl is. If your dog’s bowl is nearby your pantry in the kitchen, consider putting the storage container in that same pantry for easy access.

One of the basic pet storage ideas is consolidation. Once you’ve found a good spot for the food containers, it’s time to create your storage station. Gather up any treats, snacks and even medications and organize them all in one place. Pantries with shelves work well, but even grouping these items into a box you can place next to the food can go a long way.

2. Make a Designated Pet File

Most people have a specific file in their home where they store important documents such as, medical records, birth certificates and tax information. The same strategy you use for yourself can be applied to your pet.

Grab a file and include medical information, vaccinations records, your pet license, and any other important additions you can think of. It’s never a bad idea to include your veterinarian’s contact information along with the closest emergency pet clinic in your area. If a pet emergency should happen, you’ll be happy that you kept all this information together and in a safe place.

Treat this file like any other time you organize pet supplies. You want the file in an easily accessible location. A good tip is to put your pet file in the same spot with your own personal files. This way it continues the habit you already have of going to a certain place for that kind of information.

3. Go Through Your Pet Items

It can be difficult to organize pet supplies. Most pet owners find toys, beds and other accessories scattered from room to room in their home. There’s nothing wrong with your pet wanting to show off their belongings, but it’s up to the owner to keep things organized.

Start by going room by room and putting any pet items you find into a central pile. Just like when you store other household items, go through each item and separate them into three piles:

    • Keepers
    • Throw away (chances are your pet has a few toys that have seen better days)
    • Donate (there are plenty of shelters who’d appreciate it!)

After you’re done sorting, chances are you’ll find it much more manageable to organize pet supplies. Remember that many pet storage ideas can come from the same tricks you use for yourself. When you follow a few simple pet storage tips, you’ll have more time to focus on the joy your pet can bring you.

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