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How to Store a TV

Posted on: August 28, 2019 | Spaces Toronto October 21, 2019

One of the most intimidating items to move and store is the TV. With the new advancements, televisions continue to get slimmer, making them seem even more fragile. If a television isn’t properly prepared for storage, moved and stored, there is a chance that it will not work correctly when you remove it from storage. Are you looking for tips for moving and storing a TV? Read below!

5 Tips for Moving a TV

  1. Clean the TV: It is essential to clean the TV before storing it. Any dust that gets embedded inside of the TV can cause a lot of damage. In order to clean the TV, use compressed air to blow the dust out of the crevices of the TV. Once that has been done, wipe down the TV with a slightly damp cloth.
  2. Dust the cables: Just like with cleaning the TV, the cables also need cleaned. Wipe down the cables to remove any dust that may be stuck to it. Next, rubber band the cables to keep them together.
  3. Use the original box: The original box was made to hold and secure the TV. The best way to protect the TV during storage is to store it in the original box. If you do not have the original box, look online to see if you can purchase the box somewhere.
  4. Protect the screen with bubble wrap: To protect the screen of the TV, add an additional layer of bubble wrap against the TV screen. This cushioning will grant you additional peace of mind in case the TV gets bumped or jostled in transit.
  5. Keep the TV upright at all times: Never place a TV on its side while moving it. Placing a TV in this position can severely damage the internal parts of the electronic.

Tips for Storing a TV in a Storage Unit

  1. Use a climate controlled storage unit: One of the biggest enemies of electronics is fluctuations in temperature. When storing a TV, always use a climate controlled storage unit.
  2. Keep the TV upright: Just like when moving a TV, always keep the TV upright in storage. Laying it down can damage the internal parts of the TV permanently.
  3. Keep the TV elevated in storage: Do not place the TV directly on the ground. It’s possible for moisture to leak up from the ground and damage the TV. When storing a TV in a storage unit, always store it elevated on pallet boards, a table or dresser.

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