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How to Prepare Your Home for Vacation

Posted on: March 24, 2020 | Spaces Toronto March 24, 2020

You’ve packed your bags, set the security alarm, and dropped Fido off at the local boarding place. That’s all you need, right? This list of tips will help you vacation-proof your home before you leave on your trip.


Tips for Home Safety While on Vacation


1. Get a home monitoring system.
If you don’t already have a home security system, invest in one. It’s a smart idea to opt for one that allows you to remotely view any activity through security cameras. This way you can see what’s going on in your home if you need to while you’re away.
You should also consider a motion-sensor flood light on the outside of the house. They’re easy to install, relatively inexpensive, and they can help keep you safe all year long. Once you have those things in place, advertise. Place a sticker near points of entry to deter anyone who may try to break in.


2. Stop deliveries, but don’t stop services.
Make sure you put a hold on all mail that comes to your home so nothing piles up in the mailbox. If you’re going to be away for a long time, consider putting a temporary suspension on utilities as well.

However, you shouldn’t stop regularly scheduled services. If you have services scheduled such as landscaping or pool care, keep those going. They’ll help deter any potential intruders who are looking for a change in your agenda.


3. Prepare the Utilities.
If you won’t be home for a while, turn down the thermostat. This will keep you from driving up your energy bill to heat or cool empty rooms. You may also want to turn off your main water supply to prevent water damage. Of course, if you have someone stopping by to check on things, leave it on for them. They can keep an eye on any possible leaks.


4. Give a key to someone you trust.
It’s a good idea to have a friend or family member stop by and check on the house occasionally. You can stop your mail from piling up, but there may be a package coming that you forgot about. An abandoned Amazon delivery may get damaged in the weather or alert intruders to a vacancy. At the same time, they can also take care of small routines like watering plants and taking out the trash. That way you don’t arrive home from your getaway to dead plants and a pile of rotting garbage.

Make sure you give them a copy of the key rather than leave it hidden. Thieves know where to look for a key, regardless of how well you think it’s disguised.


5. Put any valuables in a safe.
If an intruder does make his way into your home, they also know to check the bedrooms first for items of value. It’s best to store these items in a locked safe. If you can’t invest in a small safe at the moment, move any valuables to somewhere less conspicuous. One hiding place could be jars in the kitchen pantry.


6. Don’t advertise on social media.
You may be tempted to share your adventures with friends and family right away, but you should wait until you return. A would-be thief may see the post and realize your home is vacant.

You should also make sure your address isn’t posted anywhere in case the urge to post a photo on the trip becomes overwhelming. This includes any past party invites or Facebook events, which may list your home address.


7. Leave extra added touches.
It’s the small things that dissuade burglars from targeting your home. Leave a car in the driveway to imply someone is home. Leave a few lights on so the house isn’t dark at night. If you have smart lights, set them to come on and dim during certain hours.


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