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Storage Unit Laws and Rules: What Not to Put in a Storage Unit

Posted on: October 22, 2018 | Spaces Toronto December 2, 2019

When our customers are seeking a storage unit rental, they generally are seeking it to store a mattress, out of season items or for storage during a move or renovation. Sometimes, though, we have customers looking to store items that are more outlandish and can even be dangerous to our employees, customers or storage facility. In order to clear the air, we have compiled a list of some items that should not be stored in a storage unit.

What Not to Store in a Storage Unit

We get a lot of questions about what items are allowed to be stored in a storage unit. Find the answers below!

Can I Store animals in a storage unit?

Whether you are a horse-lover and are looking for a cheaper alternative to a stable, or you’re a snake-fanatic and your collection has recently grown, you are unable to store any kind of animal in a storage unit. Storing an animal in a storage unit is cruel and can potentially be life-threatening to the animal.

Is it legal to live in a storage unit?

No, it is illegal to live in a storage unit. A storage unit is inhabitable and can actually be dangerous to live in.

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Can I store food in a storage unit?

People will often want to store food in their storage unit for various reasons. Unfortunately, food can’t be stored in a storage unit because it can attract pests and vermin.

Can I store gas in a storage unit?

Gas can’t be stored in a storage unit. This means that you are unable to store propane gas tanks or gas cans for vehicles. This also means that it is important to empty out the gas tank before storing your motorcycle, vehicle, lawn mower or snow blower.

Is storing guns in a storage unit legal?

Guns and gun powder are both prohibited from being stored in a storage unit. Gun powder is highly explosive, which makes it too dangerous to be stored in a storage unit.

Can I store cleaning equipment, fertilizer and other household supplies in a storage unit?

Businesses are often looking for a spot to store their inventory, equipment and supplies. Unfortunately, businesses are also restricted by what they can store in a storage unit. If you are the owner of a lawn care or cleaning company, you may be looking for a location to store your fertilizer or cleaning chemicals. Unfortunately, both fertilizer and cleaning chemicals are hazardous and are prohibited from being stored in a storage unit.

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