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How to Transition Winter Wardrobe to Spring

Posted on: March 31, 2020 | Spaces Toronto April 24, 2020

If you’re ready to break out your spring wardrobe, you’re not the only one. When we get our first taste of warm weather, most of us are ready to trade in our sweaters for t-shirts. The weather is still flip-flopping a bit, so right now is a good time to begin the transition from winter to spring clothes. Follow our tips below on how to make this transition.

The Swap Out: Winter to Spring Clothes

  1. Go through all your winter clothes before packing them away.

It’s easy to accumulate clothes every season. Instead of hoarding them all away when the weather changes, go through them to see what you’re not going to use next year. Did you wear it at all this winter? Is it worn out and not worth saving? Is it a trendy piece that will be out of date by next year?

If you aren’t going to have a need for it or be able to use it when the cold weather is back, get rid of it now. There are many ways to donate winter clothes that are still in good condition. If they’re damaged, throw them out or add them to your rag pile.

  1. Make sure everything is clean.

Wash any clothes you wore before you pack them away. If there are any skin cells left on clothing, they can attract bugs.

  1. Pack winter clothes in the proper containers.

Stay away from using cardboard boxes for clothes. If the fabric has any scent or skin cells on it, pests can chew through the cardboard to get to it. Plastic containers help to cut down on invasive critters as well as keep out mildew which is hard to get out of clothing. If you don’t want to fold your clothes, store them in fabric and hang on a rolling rack.

  1. Add in pest deterrents.

There are many different anti-pest products you can pack in your containers to keep bugs and mice away. If you want something more natural, opt for fresh cedar chips or lavender sachets. Then your clothes will also come out of storage smelling fresh rather than musty.

  1. Don’t forget your shoes.

Winter boots count as part of your winter wardrobe. During the cold season, they probably saw salt, slush, and dirt. Clean them properly based on their material and wipe down the soles. If they are damaged, take them to a repair shop before they go into storage — you may not think about it next season.

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